A lot of ships seem to blend together, for example, in a fishing fleet, one boat may seem no different from the next in line. My goal, however, is to investigate the differences that are there; to find out the history of a particular vessel I’ve encountered, and what makes it unique.

By focusing upon ships I’ve seen, I can try and use my photos to showcase the ship as it is now, and then dive into the annals of history to find other images of how the vessel once was.

However, just because I intend to focus upon what I’ve seen doesn’t mean I’m not willing to accept suggestions. If you know of a vessel, from the exciting to the mundane, that seems like it would fit this blog, feel free to e-mail me and let me know about it.

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  1. Tere Ryder says:

    Anybody know what happened to the Fairtide, 43′ yacht, 1933 Cruiser, built by Vic Franck boatworks of Seattle. This yacht had been moored for many, many years in Seattle at the foot of Market Street and 28th Avenue N.W., on the water there by Golden Gardens and west of the Ballard Bridge. This boat was owned by the Udhus family of Seattle and tended through the years by other Udhus family members (Oldemar, Dick, wife Ann Udhus Oldemar of Magnolia, son Richard Oldemar).
    This yacht was kept in excellent condition so was curious as to why it seems to have disappeared completely……no record of it since 1976 anywhere.

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